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2017 Summer Programs

June 12-15  Basketball Camp

June 19-23  Mercy Camp (FULL)

July 10-21  Drama Camp

July 23-29  Catholic Heart Work Camp

July 31 - August 4  Vacation Bible School

July 31 - August 4  Volleyball Camp

August 7-11 Sience Camp

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Father Peter J. Daly
Pastor 1994 - 2017

Retirement Celebrations

Saturday, July 8, 2017

4pm  Mass in the church

6pm  Reception, Dinner, Tribute Program in the FLC

Tickets $30, on sale now

After weekend masses and in the parish office

Dress to Impress

Assigned table seating - If you want to sit with friends, you MUST purchase ALL tickets at the SAME time.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

10am  Mass in the church

11:30am Retirement picnic for the whole family

Sunday Mass Schedule Starting June 4
8 am, 10 am, 1 pm (Spanish)

Cardinal Wuerl ‘s response to the attack against Coptic Christians in Egypt:

    It’s the belief of the Church that because of the Communion we have received and the Spirit we share in Baptism, the Church is the Body of Christ present in our world today.

    That body continues to be crucified in parts of our world. Today we heard once again of another church bombing, of Christians, this time Coptic Christians in Egypt, killed simply because they believe in the Lord Jesus. Our Holy Father Pope Francis has pointed out – as have historians and others commentators – that there are more Christians dying for the faith today than ever happened under the Roman authorities at the time of the pagan empire. 

    My brothers and sisters, there seems to be very little you and I can do about the atrocities that have happened, because there are people who are willing to do them. But there are also the rest of us, who must not remain silent.

    Even in the face of the frustration of not being able to do much, there is one powerful thing we can do, and that is pray. We can pray and unite our hearts with our brothers and sisters who simply are being persecuted and dying for something you and I just did so freely today, profess our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So I ask you today, and during this Holy Week when you are lifting up your hearts in prayer, to remember them. They have no voice. They have no one to speak for them. They have no one to stand up for them. But we can at least remember them as part of the Body of Christ being crucified in our day today. We can pray for them.

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