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Thank You Father Daly for 20 Years at SJV,  August 3, 2014

The Shepherd of St. John Vianney

There is in Southern Maryland,

a community of great love.

It’s lead by Father Daly,

who’s guided by the Dove.

He’s lead St. John Vianney,

in times of crisis and of joy,

God’s servant heart among us,

but he is no altar boy.

His pen makes bishops quake in fear

His heart’s in social justice,

His parish follows Him in love

with programs bringing justness.

We gather now in this great year,

To celebrate our pastor dear,

who’s been with us in mind and heart,

for twenty years living love’s good part.

Because of him at heaven’s gate,

We can say -  we did not skate!

Safe Nights and Echo – a food pantry too,

Nicaraguan houses, and not a few,

Mission parishes – three not two

All hail from our great Padre who,

Called us out in service for Jesus, the Jew.

So with great love we gather round,

to celebrate this friend that we have found,

who’s lead in spreading love around,

has brought God’s blessings to abound.

So we gather today with great love of him,

a community blessed with twenty years a brim,

with loving service we all sing a hymn,

of thanksgiving for the gift of him,


The Parishioners of St. John Vianney

 Poem by Deacon Jim Caldwell

Photographs by Sharon Seckens and Jack McFadden